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We respect your privacy., your partner in optimal health, dieting and fitness, wants to Give Back to children in need with our Donate the Weight® initiative. We also donate a percentage of profits to feed hungry children around the world.

In addition to our Donate the Weight® initiative, gives time and money to organizations like A Healthier America, the Obesity Society, and the Obesity Action Coalition.

Sales of all our weight loss products, including DietSpotlight Burn, translate directly into feeding needy children in southeastern Africa. Our corporate goal is to feed one million malnourished children by June, 2018.

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Student Scholarships

Essay Scholarship

Since 2013, Dietspotlight has offered students across the country an opportunity to win up to $3,000 in financial aid. Supporting the community, through healthy weight loss, is a critical part of our vision. All it takes is a little time and students can get the financial support they deserve.

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Student Film Contest

Engaging and powerful, video garners attention and forces change. Dietspotlight, the leader in diet reviews, offers a platform where student filmmakers are able to display their storytelling techniques and help bring attention to obesity and healthy weight loss.

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